Boaters dig sunsets. Yachting Magazine shares the 50 best submissions from their readers! All stunning!

Reader Gallery: Sunsets at Sea

Like sunsets at sea? So do we! Check out the 50 best submissions to Yachting’s Best Sunset Photo Contest_._ (Number 6 doesn’t even look real!)

….. A boat ride IS ๐Ÿ™‚

TBT! Here we have the: 1977 Rally 190-SS bow rider from Cruiser Yachts! Definitely a different look from today ๐Ÿ™‚

20 Top Troubleshooting tips for common boating problems….


Boing. Bam. Glup. Flumpt. Something’s wrong. It’s a weird noise, or you’re not moving, or there’s a strange odor coming from somewhere it shouldn’t, or some vital piece of gear has gone south. Great. Now what do you do?




Monday again?

What you should look for in any floating dock, advice from Boating Magazine…

What you should look for in any floating dock.



Follow our 10-step program to take the chaos out of docking.


Did Christmas come early? ๐Ÿ™‚







52 BEST BOATING TIPS: 52 tips to better boating, one for every week of the year.

Read on, keep calm, and carry on.





How to repair canvas snaps on boats. Basic steps for repairing canvas snaps.

Its not every boater who knows what these marine electronics acronyms mean!

Marine electronics exist in a sea of arcane terms and acronyms. Know GPS? What else?

A good winter habit: find a safe place in the garage to set up an automatic battery maintaining charger. #yamaha

Boating safely in cold water. You can go boating in cold weather, provided you put safety first.

Often it feels at least 10 to 15 degrees colder on the water than it does on land. If it’s 40 degrees in the backyard, dress like it will be 30 degrees on the water.

Yes! Skeeter Boats, engineered like no other!

Weekends are for fishing!

Fire Extinguisher Safety Tips – Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher & save your boat from any onboard fires

Learn how to properly use a fire extinguisher and save your boat from any onboard fires.





Patience is a virtue.

For those that haven’t winterized yet, ten tips to protect your motor!

10 winterizing details that may haunt you later.

Sun, Nov 23rd 2014 10:00 AM

Need to remember this!

A Quick Fix For Busted Boat Horns:
Try this tip before buying a new horn.